Principalís Message

Education: A Torch Lightening Up Our Life
Education is a beacon of light that lights up our life,
It is a gift of academic rife.
It is the key to a bright and successful future,
Although perseverance and hard-work is its USP feature.
It moulds our thinking and gives it a striking appearance,
And keeps at bay poisoning ignorance.
On one hand it is a continuous process of learning,
Whereas on the other hand it is also a comprehensive process of teaching.
Education gives one the opportunity to explore oneís potential,
Thus it is a quintessential life-rewarding material.
Education is the building block of a nation,
As it lays the basic fundamental foundation.
It enlightens the ruler to wisely run his kingdom,
And also inspires the ruled to fight for their freedom.
It is the true master of all the professions,
Without which the world will be devoid of any significant progression.
The sagacious Madiba once wisely told the world,
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Mrs. Ayesha Y. Mistry (nťe Bhathena)
(Ex-student, Teacher & Principal of Girton High School)