President of the School

A little before the inauguration of the new building Mrs. Purviz Banaji, the then President of the Board of Trustees of Girton High School, retired and Mrs. Banoo N. Cama was unanimously elected in her place.

The school is a Private, Unaided, Religious, Minority Institution run by the Managing Committee comprising of some Trustees and other Educationists who have the childrenís interest at heart.

Today the Managing Committee under the Chairmanship of Dr. (Ms.) Villy N. Cama is doing splendid work and has brought up the school to its topmost glory and position among other schools.

Dr. Villy Camaís Contribution Towards The School

Mrs. Silla N. Ardeshir resigned as a Trustee and Honorary Principal in 1986 in favour of Dr. (Ms.) Villy N. Cama and recommended that Dr. Cama should take over the reins of the school from her.

On 30th August 1986 Dr. Cama became a Trustee by Resolution of the Board of Trustees and in 2006 was nominated Chairman of the Managing Committee.

Dr. Cama is also a Trustee of the Old Girtoniansí Association Property Fund and Chairman of the Managing Committee.

As a Chairman, Dr. Cama is accessible to students, staff both teaching and non teaching and parents too. Everyday she attends school from12 noon onwards. She guides and helps the Principal and the staff in academics / curricular activities.