Old Girton High School Building

Miss Prescott, the Principal of Frere Fletcher School, a friend of Miss Moos suggested and supported her to start a school in Tardeo area. The school was named after Girton College U.K. from where Miss Prescott had graduated. The old Miss Moos School (Girton High School) was opened in rented premises of Alpaiwala Building, Alibhai Premji Road, Grant Road Sation (East) founded by Miss Moos in 1888 from her personal funds initially with 10 pupils only. These rented premises were used for over 90 years. It was just a small place with 11 rooms and a hall. An additional kindergarten class was started on demand in 1951. Before its Silver Jubilee it was reported in the Government Gazette of 1910, that the Girton High School had 241 pupils which made it the school having the highest number of pupils amongst the 12 girls school of Bombay. This was because of its high standard of work and discipline. Pupils were proud to call the Girton High School their ‘Alma Mater’ as noted by Ms. Corkery, the then Inspectress of girls schools.

Land Acquisition for the Girton High School

In the early 1970’s, the government acquired a plot of land measuring 2754 sq. yards on Sleater Road (now Noshir Bharucha Marg) on behalf of the Old Girtonians’ Association Property Fund on which had stood a burnt out shipyard factory (Levka). The Bhoomi pupa ceremony and the laying of the foundation of the ‘new’ school was done by the oldest ex-student and the youngest student. By the end of 1984 the new building was completed with the help of donations from charitable trusts, individuals and proceeds of various funds.

In the beginning there was no uniform and young parsi girls wore embroidered caps, jablas and ijars whereas the older ones wore sarees. Few activities were conducted but no sports during the tenure of Miss Moos. Very strict discipline was maintained.