Old Girtoniansí Association

Old Girtoniansí Association Property Fund

Old Girtoniansí Association looks after keeping the ex-students in touch with the school socially.

O.G.A. got the registration number with the Societies of Registration Act of 1860 in Bombay 82/57 dated 23rd December 1957.

First appointed auditors in 1970 were P.C. Hansotia & Co.

Transfer from the Trustees of the O.G.A. Property Fund to the Managing Committee of O.G.A. and then to the Trustees of the school.

In 1961 Mrs. Purviz Banaji was the Chairperson of the O.G.A. Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Kerawalla were joint secretaries. Mrs. Daruwalla and Mr. Presswalla were joint Treasurers.

The O.G.A. Property Fund Trust Deed of 1961 requests that Trustees from 1961 to manage all the business and affairs pertaining to the land and construction of the new school buildings and all the work connected to the same.

Old Girtoniansí Association Property Fund looks after the maintenance of the school building and grounds at their own expenses.