FOUNDER BAI BACHOOBAI A. F. MOOS (1850 Ė 1946) was the daughter of educationist Ardeshir Framji Moos and sister of Dr. Nanabhoy Ardeshir Moos. Miss Moos was educated at the Frere Fletcher School Ė later known as the J. B. Petit School.

Miss Moos single handedly ran the Miss Moos school, raising funds herself to further the cause of girls education. Her staff and students marvelled at her courage, persistence, strength of mind and firmness of purpose. The Education Department officers at that time were deeply appreciative of her skill.

She was awarded the Silver Caskets containing scrolls extolling her virtues at the Royal Opera House on 30th April 1932. The staff and students past and present of the Girton High School with profound feelings expressed their gratitude and presented a souvenir to mark their appreciation of her life long services rendered to the Parsi community and presented her with a purse of Rs.10,000/- on this occasion. It was converted into a Trust Fund out of which prizes were awarded to the pupils year after year. In 1942, Miss Moos was awarded Kaiser-e-Hind Gold medal for meritorious contribution for the education of women. Sir Roger Lumley, the then Governor of Bombay wrote a personal letter of congratulations to Miss Moos on the Honour conferred on her. On 30th July 1946, Miss Moos passed away at the age of 96 years. She dedicated 56 glorious years of her life in the service and upliftment of womenís education in Bombay. She served as a Beacon of Light to her staff and students.